Recommendations for Exhibitors


Opinion of specialists

Participation in the exhibition can not be replaced: Only exhibitions will bring you face to face with your buyers, contractors and competitors, and you can learn about new market trends and take part in its development.

Today the exhibitions acquire a very special status conditioned by the current economic situation. They become a litmus paper of the industry, which gives a clear understanding of who stay afloat and who left the market, what niches freed, and how to plan your tactics and strategy in new reality.

Those who is not on the exhibition is not in the market: Marketing in favor of exhibitions. In all diversity of marketing means the exhibitions has proven itself one of the most effective tool. This was confirmed many times by the results of research conducted in the leading countries of the world exhibition.

Exhibitions – is more than a marketing tool, in fact, they – are your market. As a place of personal meetings basically it’s a place to achieve the main objectives of companies, to achieve or enhance their success at the exhibitions.

Proceeding from the main goals of enterprises: to promote production, to market new products, to sell them, exhibitions directly provide an opportunity:

  • To find new customers
  • To increase the loyalty of customers
  • To update the list of former customers
  • To bring new products and services to market
  • To demonstrate and promote the whole range of products
  • To speed up the sales process
  • To create image of the company and image of brand
  • To attract mass media

Moreover, the exhibitions is the most effective way to meet in one place at one time with the right market, in other words, this is an assessment, knowledge and interaction.

Which means, apart from the business the exhibition allow enterprises:

  • To know more about customers and their expectations
  • To get the immediate response and reaction about your company
  • To create and expand contacts base for the future
  • To research the market and competition on it, to assess marketing potential of the company
  • To keep step with innovations and new technology
  • To maintain presence in the market
  • To determine possible agents and distributors
  • To search new personnel

And one of the main advantages of exhibitions – providing an opportunity to get a high return on invested funds in participation.

In addition, according to expert estimates, is expected to significantly increase the number of visitors of the leading exhibitions, as in challenging times the professionals and entrepreneurs are afraid to miss something important - the information, contacts and even rumors. At such times, you can not make a deals without looking into the partner’s eyes, and what is the best place to do it, why not exhibitions?

Organizers believe that participation in “BuildIndustry-Astana” exhibition – it is:

  • The way to represent itself as the success company
  • To find effective solutions to increase sales and new opportunities to expand customer base;
  • To optimally make use of advertising budget - targeted work with the client significantly cheaper and more efficient that the large-scale advertising on television, radio, outdoor structures and etc;
  • Assurance that your company will keep its market position. Having missed the exhibition and do not meet on the stand regular and potential customers, you can be sure – the competitor will meet them.

We offer you:

  • Several types of participation in the exhibition, each type is designed for different budget - from the standard (rent of the stand) to economic (external participation);
  • Potential meeting with wide range of sector experts: according to a survey of visitors, 45% of them - are specialists from regions of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries;
  • Interesting business program;
  • Carefully calibrated and precisely targeted advertising package.

"BuildIndustry-Astana" exhibition – it is the best tool to promote products and services of your company in the market!