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Company “Aim-market” works in the field of industrial equipment.
We are official representatives of manufacturers from Slovakia , Belarus, Russia and China.
The manufacturer Stroystav CM ( Slovakia):
- “Volkovysk Plant roofing and construction and finishing machines”;
- Ltd. “Stroymechanika”;
- LLC Ryazan Plant construction machinery “Stroymash Center”.
The range of our company includes:
- Power (diesel generators, gasoline power, open, under the hood, in the noisereducing enclosure in a North koteynere on chassis);
- Mixers;
- Concrete;
- Concrete distributor;
- Mortar;
- Plastering;
- Installations for the preparation and filing solution;
- Gunite installation;
- Pneumosuper chargers.
Today “ALVENTA TPK LLP and Holliday-DEKOR LLP” offer you a mutually beneficial cooperation.
(the license No. 13005745) carries out all types of SIW - Delivery and realization of LED lighting engineering (office lighting, street lighting, different kinds of housing lamps). Accessories to LED production. Delivery of cable and conductive production (from the Russian and European producers).
Our company carries out an installation and realization of REHAU company’s system (an installation of window blocks, heat-insulated floors, water pipes and noise-attenuating sewer pipes).
All types of outdoor and advertising production.
Architectural and decorative illumination of building facades, entertaining and park zones.
Development and installation of laser and projective advertizing.
Illumination of streets and highways.
“AS BEREKE” LLP -produces new material Simprolit polystyrene concrete, which due to its unique technical characteristics of the “Center of development and introduction of new materials” called “The Miracle of the material of the XXI century”.
Ideally, the requirements for facade structures of residential and business facilities are the following:
- ability to exercise the functions of bearing or self-bearing walls;
- having high heat-insulating properties;
- soundproofing;
- water resistance;
- frost resistance;
- air permeability;
- vapour permeability;
- sufficient ease;
- ecological cleanness;
- compliance with fire protection requirements;
- durability;
- and finally, the tightness of architectural expressiveness.
Material and products Simprolit system have all necessary certificates and expert opinions to apply it to the entire territory of Kazakhstan.
Simprolit system includes:
- insulated panels for facades;
- external wall blocks;
- internal partition blocks;
- partition panels;
- soundproofing panels;
- waterproofing panel;
- insulated panels for floors and roofs;
- and other panels and boards of other purposes.
Simprolit system includes also Simprolit Monolith - monolithic polystyrene concrete, which is widely used in construction, which including:
- in the device flat roofs;
- instead of cement screed, not only as leveling, but also the heat - and soundproofing layer of a floor;
- in thermal insulation of Foundation plates and Foundation walls;
- when replacing слабонесущего layer of soil under the Foundation, rail tracks and roads;
- when you run the walls of tanks;
- installation of cupolas of a large size;
- while warming and to facilitate the design etc.
The company has more than 10 years successfully sells, design and development of systems for ventilated facades facing the attachment of different kinds, natural and engineered stone, ceramic granite panels alucobond, aluminum sheets and their products, ceramic panels of argeton and other facade materials. The fastening system fully complies with current legislation. Design Office allows you to develop the attachment points for the most daring architectural ideas...
“Assyl Kazyna NS” LLC, established in 2006 - a modern dynamic company. It is for over 7 years on construction market of Kazakhstan. It was accumulated a wealth of practical experience for these years and nowadays the company is rightly recommended itself as a reliable and honest partner. In addition, there is a wealth of experience in different types of laying of pipelines. In such case laying is carrying out by open and close methods. The Company has a modern technical base, highly skilled engineering staff, workers for such responsible tasks as trenchless pipe laying.
“Assyl Kazyna NS” LLC is the only authorized dealer of horizontal directional drilling equipment Forward HDD on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company has a fleet of machinery and equipment by using of which it is possible to perform the following actions:
- Trenchless laying of pipelines (diameter from 20 to 850 mm) with the use of horizontal directional drilling machines;
- laying of new pipelines by conventional methods (open method).
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) - a high-tech method of underground mining, which minimizes damage to the environment, to lay engineering services in inaccessible places, at processing the works by conventional open method, under roads and under rivers, under buildings and constructions, under mounds and ravines.
The key to success of our company - it’s professional, experienced, qualified staff, proven themselves over the last ten years in the industry and has a perfect reputation. Readiness to creativity, respect for clients and their working time, high level of organization of work, the shortest lead times, all of this - is perhaps the trademark of our team.
“Astana San Bao” LLP – is one of the leading suppliers of industrial equipment and industrial purpose, special equipment , buses, spare parts and tires.
Astana San Bao LLP is a subsidiary company of Xinjiang trade - industrial corporation “San Bao”, which is on the first place in foreign trade operations in the XUAR , with annual sales of more than $ 1 billion dollars of USA (2013)!
Among our supplies :
Cabling and wiring products , more than 80 tons (Aktobe) , cooling tower (Pavlodar) , brickworks (Ekibastuz ) , trolley – 200 units (Almaty), buses - 104 units ( Kyzylorda ,Temirtau), tires, more than 2,500 pieces and many other projects.
Construction materials plant “Avers” features own production facilities, logistics and highly skilled personnel.
There are 2 lines:
Production of high quality concrete pressed items using German equipment ZENITH.
Production of concrete mixes, sand concrete, concrete grouts of different grades. The factory produces various types, sizes and colors of pavement and curb stones for road construction, building of sidewalks, parks or private objects. Products are certified and complies to GOST of Republic of Kazakhstan.
Concrete plant can deliver up 1200m3 of mixes per day. High quality, qualified staff, own production facilities and in-house logistics together with convenient location and tailored approach.
“Bassar Electronics” is an official distributor of the such companies as Trimble (USA), Spectra Precision (USA), Garmin (USA), Nedo (Germany); direct partner of the Nikon (Japan – USA), Seco (USA), UOMZ (Russia).
Leading activities “Bassar Electronics” - supply surveying equipment (GNSS / GPS-equipment, robotic and mechanical total stations, digital and optical the odolites, autolevels, surveying accessories) and navigation equipment Garmin. The company has branches in 8 regional centers - this ensures a high level of service and customer support almost the entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
KNUTH machine tools are successfully in operation in Kazakhstan and more than 40 countries. A tight network of German and international offices and dealers ensures our presence in all emerging global markets. 370 employees of our companies and representative offices and more than eighty-year experience ensures the delivery of high quality equipment and service!
“Company “KAZLES” LLC is a domestic manufacturer of wooden products. The company produces the following types of wooden products, made on machines of the world manufacturers:
- glued wall beam;
- wooden eurowindows;
- door from the wood;
- molded products: lining, grooved floor board, jamb, plinth and others
All production is confirmed by certificates of conformance and origin of the goods of the form ST-KZ.
The main direction of the Company is construction of wooden ecologically clean houses and bathhouses from the glued wall beam, which is an alternative when choosing construction of low-rise houses.
“CONCERN BAKARASSOV” is a modern innovative company with it’s plant located in Almaty. Company product range counts more then 100 high quality water based products produced under trademarks “KaiZer” and “Meister Gut”. The output of the plant is 60 tons per day.
All our products are made with unique machinery from “Niemann” and according to formulas applied by German production engineers at our plant. Our products are made to German standard; to meet this high standard we implement threestage quality control within whole production process.
For our products we choose highest quality domestic and European raw materials, it allows us to produce wide variety of most reliable and ecologically friendly products, starting from simple primers and water paints, to most refined decorative coatings and high-tech paints, which produce self cleaning effect or able to effect indoor temperature.
Company has and continues to create a broad network of its sales representatives and dealers. It is our priority to provide our customers and partners with modern waterborne products as well as equip our consumers with knowledge of best implementation techniques through frequently conducted workshops.
Since 2002 “CVL” Company practices the professional sales and assembly of equipment for the heating, water supply, water disposal, ventilation and conditioning systems:
- Equipment for heating units: Sauter (EU), Sondex, Danfoss;
- Equipment for warm-cold supply: VTS (Poland), АВЗ (the RoK);
- Electric, oil-fueled, gas, solid-fueled boilers: Zota (the RF), Viessmann, Buderus (Germany), Proterm (Czechia), Biasi (Italy), Buran Вoiler (the RoK);
- Pumping equipment: Wilo (Germany), Speroni (Italy);
- Expansion tanks: Varem, Elbi (Italy), Nema (Turkey), Wester (the RF);
- Aluminum radiators: Fondital (Italy); bimetal: Teploterm (the RF), Breeze plus;
- Metal and plasticpipes and fittings: Compipe, Comtek (the RF)
- Radiator and pipe fittings: Danfoss (Denmark), Ayvaz (Turkey), HLV, LD, Alco (the RF);
- Manometers, thermometers: Steklopribor (Ukraine);
- Elasticthermal isolation: Oneflex (Turkey).
The official dealer within the territory of Kazakhstan of such brands as: COMPIPE, HLV, SAUTER, VIESSMANN, OneFlex, Steklopribor, ZOTA, VTS, BuranBoiler (Cronos).
Production and sale of profiles for joints. The company Dewmark manufactures the following products:
- Standard profiles for walls and floors. Ideal for residential, commercial and office buildings with low traffic movement.
- Profiles for floors with heavy traffic movement. For storage and exhibition facilities, common areas of shopping complexes, airports and train stations.
- Waterproof profiles for buildings with special requirements for waterproofing, such as hospitals, public parking, ramps.
- Profiles for large loads with high load capacity.
Production of the abrasive tool under the PavlodarAbrasiv trademark. Detachable and zachistny circles for manual grinding cars and pendular saws. From the normal electrocorundum, reinforced by a steklosetka, on a bakelitovy sheaf. GOST 21963-2002.
The trading-industrial company “Electrocomplect” works at the Kazakhstan electro technical market more than 18 years in 8 cities of the Republic: Shymkent, Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Taraz, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda and Pavlodar with a 500 total number of employees.
The company has started their own manufacture of cable-conducting production under a trade mark “ElcomKabel” in 2005. Currently, factory produces over 1000 nomenclature units of a high-quality cable and wires used at the largest building projects of the Republic.
In 2006 company has begun to produce panel equipment under a trade mark “ElcomMetal” according to the highest quality standards. The product profile of the company includes production of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kirghizia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Poland.
“ELKON” is one of the European leaders in producing concrete batching plants, also it takes place in the list of Top 50 Biggest Companies in Machine-Building Sector of Turkey and offers below equipments:
- Portable Concrete Batching Plants;
- Stationary Concrete Batching Plants;
- Mobile Concrete Batching Plants;
- Container type Concrete Batching Plants;
- Stabilization Plant;
- Concrete Pumps;
- Cement Storage Silos ;
- Big Bag Cement Feeding System ;
- Concrete Recycling Equipments;
High quality and long life of equipments, guaranty and reliability of cooperation is the credo of company ELKON.
“EMPIRE OF DOORS” LLC has clearly indicated its presence in the market offers interior and exterior metal doors and accessories.
Our company highly values the trust and understanding of the business partners, so the entire foreign policy of the company is built on the basis of a clear contractual obligations. Individual approach to each customer, quality products, competitive prices, the availability of warehouse stock, prompt execution of orders and deliveries of products — it’s all part of our corporate strategy.
“EMPIRE OF DOORS” LLC for 2012 staffed more than 30 major construction projects, made deliveries to overhaul 20 office buildings and public enterprises. A good account of ourselves and our fililaly in Kokshetau, Petropavlovsk, Schuchinsk and Karaganda.
JSC “Firm Energozashchita” branch “Nazarovsky plant thermal insulation products and designs” produces insulation products based on basalt fiber. Among the products - insulation slabs energy PTE series, plate series “Heat”,plate mark “P” and matting insulation piercing series MTPE and MBPE, cylinders series TSTE insulation, cables and insulation series SHTE SHBE. Products Nazarovskogo plant TIiK certified and has a technical certificate Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation on its suitability for use in all areas of construction.
LLP “GP-Asia” is a dealer of the Factory “TD LTM”, which is a member of the Russian corporate LTM specializing in production of ventilated facing panels of fiber cement blocks.
Launched in 2008 in Obninsk town of Kaluga region, “TD LTM” factory is a unique plant on production of fiber cement panels under the trademark CEMBOARD, which is distinguished by its fire resistance and decorative properties. The composition of the panels does not include harmful to human health asbestos, which makes them safe for people and the environment. Production of CEMBOARD panels is implemented on modern technology Flow on, on the latest European high-tech equipment, which allows to produce up to 2.5 million sq.m. of panels per year.
“ICES” is a general contracting company that deals directly with commercial businesses and landlords that require new tenant improvements, capital improvements, and general development. The main field of operation is architectural design, industrial, civil and structural engineering, planning, zoning, mapping/plotting, construction, technology selection, project management, bid production, and value engineering of projects.
Our services include rehabilitation, erection of metal frameworks, construction of supermarkets; hypermarkets; technical, economic or residential sandwich booths; warehouses and hangers; automotive boxes, garages and car washes; energy effective houses and cottages; production lines; cold stores for fruits and vegetables.
ICES works with the principle of completing projects on a “Turn Key” condition, which includes agency review and permit acquisition. We offer range of warehouse facilities: Refrigeration units, isothermal doors, PVC Strips, racking systems, industrial floors. Also, we work on the technologies for banana ripening. ICES is the first and the only producer of polyurethane sandwich panels in Georgia, which is agreed as the best material for building cold stores.
“INGRI” is a producer and supplier of industrial flooring materials. It offers complex solutions for coating and renovation of concrete constructions including suppliers and equipment.
- Industrial flooring materials: polymeric floors materials for different purposes, dry hardening mixtures, sport floors;
- Waterproofing materials: flexible and rigid polyurethane foams;
- Distributers goods: equipment for arrangement of industrial floors, special tools, formwork, profile.
On September 22, 2012 operating launch of the new cement plant from a site of city Shar of the Zharminsky Area, East Kazakhstan region. The plant was up build within the scope of the 2010-2014 State Program of accelerated industrial innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is included in the Kazakhstans Industrialization Map.
LLP “Kazakhcement” was official launched on December 25, 2012 in the framework of a national teleconference with participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated to results of realization of the State Program of accelerated industrial innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan the second half of the year 2012.
The availability of unique deposits of basic raw material components became one of the factors influenced at siting of the plant construction exactly in this region. Trace amount of alkali and necessary amount of aluminates in limestone and clay of the deposits allows streamlining the production of the special types of cement which are in short supply in republic.
In Kazakhstan the production of cement is focused on the internal market, and 80-85% of the total make is accounted for the PC400Д20 brand. Along with ordinary brands of Portland cements 400Д0, 400Д20 and 500, the production of Portland blast furnace, sulphate resistant and well cements for the needs of oil and gas industry will be also organized.
The advantageous geographical location of the plant allows to carry out supplying cement not only to the internal market of Kazakhstan but also to Kirghizia, Siberian federal district of Russia, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, that extends trade and economic connections between the countries of the Eurasian Commonwealth. Preparation and development of personnel abroad and in Russia, the use of experienced and highly skilled Russian specialists of the cement industry will contribute to the growth of integration between the states.
“KazKontrakt Engineering” - the exclusive representative of the Russian manufacturer of professional systems, surface drainage trademark “Gidrolica” trade and manufacturing company Meiser-Pressnastil (extruded and welded steel gratings brand “Pressnastil”) in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Drainage system “Gidrolica” characterized by reliability and durability. The basic principle of our activity is the continued quality of the components for surface water discharge at optimal prices. Superficial drainage systems “Gidrolica” successfully applied during the construction and reconstruction of industrial, civil and private housing.
Company GIDROLICA – a recognized leader and the largest Russian manufacturer of surface drainage systems in Russia, CIS and Europe.
“KAZMONOLIT” LLC has been founded in 2013. Today the company is an official dealer and representative of leading formwork and component producers from Russia, China and South Korea. The company proposes innovative and technological solutions for monolithic construction that do not have analogues in Kazakhstan. It is planned that many components will be produced in Kazakhstan in order to reduce the final cost for construction companies. Our aims are: propose innovative and absolutely new solutions in monolithic construction to construction companies reduce the cost of formwork and components and also make them affordable on the whole territory of Kazakhstan.
“KAZPOL INSTALLATION” LLP is one of the fastest growing companies specializing in the construction of industrial floors, top of concrete, concrete screed, polymer coatings, waterproofing, using advanced technology and materials.
We work in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Our flooring for your business ...
“Kompaniya Kazakhskiy Svet” LLP is one of the leading companies on Kazakhstan market of lighting, electric-bulb, cabling and wiring, low voltage production.
Our company is an official representative of well know world brands and manufacturers such as “Philips Lighting”; “Havells Sylvania” (Germany); “Vossloh-Schwabe” (Germany); “Schneider Electric” (France); “OBO Bettermann” (Germany); “Svetovye Technologii” ТК OJSC (Russia); “BL Trade” (Russia); “Opora Engineering” (Russia) and many other in Republic of Kazakhstan.
Due to our employees’ competency, promptness, quality and timely deliveries the list of our main and regular customers includes large national, state, and private companies, metallurgical complexes, plants, factories, open pits, oredressing enterprises, corporations and firms. Head office of the company is situated in Astana city, capital of country. The branch offices are in Almaty, Atyrau, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Shymkent.
The main products for delivery are as follows: electric bulbs (energy saving, light-emitting-diode, luminescent, metallogenic, mercuric, natrium and other); light-emitting-diode street lamps, office-administrative lamps, decorative lamps; HD Galvanizing supports for street and garden-park lighting; industrial lighting fixtures as well as for public spaces; metal structures for lighting fixtures installation; cabling and wiring products; low voltage equipment and wiring products.
“Kompaniya Kazakhskiy Svet” LLP provides the estimation of internal and external lighting of sites in accordance with regulatory legal acts based on the supplied equipment. We offer energy-saving technologies in the area of lighting for all activity types.
Company “Kredmash Service” is a supplier of asphalt-mixing plants and other road-building techniques. The organization supplies equipment to Ukraine, Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries. Today shipment of plants, spare parts to them and other techniques is made from an enterprise warehouse, and even in case of absence available, the maximum term of delivery does not exceed 30 days. Thanks to presence of logistics department it is possible to achieve delivery optimization of cargoes to buyers. Experts of service department are ready to go operatively to the consumer for help in the solution of problems and providing of the equipment trouble-free work.
Also, Company “Kredmash Service” makes delivery of equipment for storage and heating bitumen (horizontal and vertical tanks with different types of heating, thermic oil heaters, bitumen emulsion plants, modified bitumen plants), machines and materials for road marking.
We sincerely believe that the integration and unification of the all peoples - the future of the world, and so says the name of our company - “La Futura”, Future. “La Futura” from 2012 delivers the best and most interesting, that can give Europe the comfort of your home. At “La Futura” salon, You can not just order products you are interested: in addition to major developers we work with small construction companies, designers, architects. Our partners will help to make a detailed design of your home, reconstruction or your room situation. At the exhibition, we present entrance anti-burglary doors “Pietuspektras”, and “Medžio stilius” - interior doors, ladders, and the floorboard of solid oak.
“Pietu Spektras” input produces anti-burglary doors on individual projects to suit all customer requirements.
All items of “Medžio stilius” made entirely of oak on German equipment and by German technology, which allows as serial products, as individual orders being fulfilled with ease and precision.
Company “LARSSEN.KZ”, specializes in integrated supply of sheet metal and polyvinyl piles are European and Russian manufacturers, as well as highperformance hydraulic vibratory pile drivers.
“LIKOLOR” brick factory was opened in 2009. It is located in Novosibirsk. Plant has an output of 63 million face bricks per year (1NF format). Chemical stains are not used in production. The plant has an ecological certificate: “Product with higher ecological cleanness”.
Only one factory beyond Ural which produces brick on flash-burn technology for Bavarian bricking. Besides a traditional red brick we are also producing light brick (ivory, yellow, peach), with a different kind of relief surface.
Winner of gold medal in the International competition “The best goods and services of Eurasia - Gemma - 2012”.
Industrial-commercial firm “M and M Ltd” specializes in the promotion of advanced technology, delivering high-quality equipment and technology in the field of metalworking, construction and industry and offers:
- Bandsaw cutting machines for metal (Pilous, Czech Republic), bending machines for metal;
- Bandsaw power-saw bench for dissolution of logs on boards;
- The widest range of tools from companies “Bahco” (Sweden), “Snap-On” (USA), Beltser (Germany);
- Bi-metal band saws, “Bahco”;
- CNC Plasma and gas cutting of metal vanadium (Czech Republic);
- Machines and lines for cutting foam, Germany;
- Lathes and milling machines and lines of high-precision, Germany;
- Remote temperature measurement devices Kelvin;
- Corrosion, zinc and aluminum containing polyurethane varnishes and paints, techniques of “cold galvanizing”, high-quality protective and decorative coatings, fire cover, fire resistance, the representation of the plant.
Group of companies “MegaStroy” sells horizontal directional drilling and other construction machinery XCMG, as well as the sale and delivery of spare parts for horizontal directional drilling. Is an authorized dealer to XCMG in Novosibirsk.
The largest regional producer of ceramic brick.
Design capacity - 60 million standard bricks per year.
Producer of technological equipment (2 lines) - “Осcidental Industries S.A.” (Paris, France).
Serial production of thickened face brick (GOST 530-2012) following colors:
- Light, “Beige” color,
- Brown, “Chocolate” color,
- Red, “Terra-cotta” color.
What is the difference from other ceramic plant-producers?
- The raw material is being stored in the warm clay storage building before delivery for year. That provides the necessary level of clay dehydration.
- The brick has “glossy” and smooth surface.
- The most important properties of ceramic bricks : durability, texture and size variation.
- Packing: polyethylene film + polypropylene strip-tape, each course is laid by paper.
Monthly our products are delivered to 16 regions of Russia. Transportation: pick-up by transport, railway.
“Protrade Central Asia” was established in 2005 as the exclusive dealer of the major British construction equipment manufacturer JCB. Today “Protrade Central Asia” successfully provides quality services in sales and maintenance (service and supply of spare parts):
1. Road construction machinery JCB - tracked and wheeled excavators, telehandlers, compacting equipment, wheeled loaders, generators and lighting towers;
2. Lifting equipment from Hyster, Magni, JLG and Combilift – forklifts, telehandlers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, pallet stackers and stock pickers;
3. Crushing and screening equipment from Terex and Powerscreen - stationary and mobile systems, crushers, screens and washing equipment. Having a wide network of branches and service centers, the company provides a full range of equipment and services in the regions: Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktobe, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Aktau, Uralsk and Shymkent.
Company “ReklaMag” - serious partner and reliable supplier for advertising and production companies and design studios across the country.
Office of “ReklaMag” located in Astana. The office is equipped with modern showroom, which are well represented in the range of samples and products supplied- plastic sheet, self-adhesive film, profile systems, lighting fixtures, print materials and more.
Protection against moisture of new generation buildings: Materials for water proofing, thermal insulation of roof, wools, pipelines: anticorrosive metal protection, impregnations for concrete, roof mastics, lacquers, acrylate and polyurethane light-resistance dyes intended for surface covering and ultra-violet protection. For floor producing we offer polyurethane and epoxy systems which helps to make extra durability, and respectable facade (pharmacist and food shops, garages, offices, apartments). For children and sport activities areas we offer polyurethane glue with different color.
“RK-Tech” LLP is the exclusive distributor of Tsurumi (Japan) and Habermann (Germany) centrifugal pumps in Kazakhstan.
These heavy duty submersible and dry installed pumps are ideally suited for dewatering, drainage of ground and rain water, high head drainage, transfer of sludge, slurry, sand, gravel, bentonite and other abrasive substances.
Tsurumi and Habermann pumps have had a big success throughout the world in such applications as civil, commercial and industrial construction, roads and tunneling, reservoirs cleaning, sand and gravel dredging, wastewater treatment, mining, processing, energy and chemical industries.
LLP “Roof Market” is the official representative of the composite tile GERARD, ceramic tile ROBEN, plastic gutter system MARLEY, VELUX roof windows and roof waterproofing membranes steam EUROVENT in Kazakhstan.
Specialists LLP “Roof Market” studied everything related to water, snow and ice, the temperature drops on the roof before offering products.
“ROSECOLOGY” is a scientific and production company. Cleaning systems of new generation: household (modular, block and modular, container, fixed, mobile), industrial (dairy, oils, fats, meat production), complex compositions. Shower treatment plants, grease traps. Sewage pumping stations. Reservoirs, fire tanks. Production and delivery of spiral and twisted pipes. Products from advanced polymer materials. Sludge dehydrators, septic tank. ЭКОРОС, ECOROS, РОСЭКОЛОГИЯ, ROSECOLOGY.
“SBS Group” LLP is a large industrial holding which includes the factories on manufacture of building materials, the ballast quarry, the concentrating factory on extraction and processing of quartz sand.
The company produces silicate bricks, rock wool plates, crushed trap rock, lightweight concrete and quartz (glass) sand for glass industry.
The factories on manufacture of construction materials locate in Aktyubinsk region, Kandyagash town. The factories are equipped by the modern hitechnology equipment that allows producing qualitative production and meeting the world’s standards.
Asbestos-cement products:
Corrugated asbestos-cement sheetsof the medium profile of the trade CB-40/150-8.
Cement-sand production:
1. Roofing tile;
2. Facing tile.
Concrete products:
1. Walling;
2. Walkway slab;
3. Border stones (curb).
“Shchuchinsk boiler – mechanical plant”, LTD deals with production, mounting and repairs of boiler, electro technical equipment and boilers and vessels as well, working under pressure. In rapidly changing conditions with highly skilled specialists the company keeps its line, continuing to improve technologies and increase capacities.
“Shchuchinsk boiler – mechanical plant”, LTD was founded in 1998 on the basis of Shchuchinsk boiler – mechanical plant, being a part of “Biyskenergomash”, the USSR Mintyazhmash. Today .“ Shchuchinsk boiler – mechanical plant”, LTD is the only producer of steam boilers and boiler equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The enterprise has a well developed industrial base with a metal – working machine park, a welding laboratory, rail way dead-end siding and an automobile park, a fleet of motor vehicles, weight lifting mechanisms. Our specialists are ready to work in any distant places, solving the most difficult problems in the sphere of heat-power engineering.
Continueing to work at the further raising of the consumers confidence, trying to satisfy their demands, the enterprise is striving for rapid development, improving technologies of the industrial process. “Shchuchinsk boiler – mechanical plant”, LTD takes care of its clients and tries to offer only the most qualitative and effective solutions of any problems in the sphere of heat-power engineering.
“Sibirskiy monolit” JSC enterprise produces equipment for the production of paving slab, borders, drains, facing tile, slag stones, road and sidewalk borders. Manufacturing complex consists of compulsory-type concrete mixers, vibro tables, vibro sieves and vibropresses. For operating enterprises the company offers the master mold complement for paving slab production by color pigment and plasticizer. Buying any type of equipment for the paving slab production in the free configuration, the technical documentation of “Production of figured elements of paving, block stone, paving slab” are provided free of charge.The equipment delivery is provided throughout Russia and Kazakhstan by our specialists.
“Silicate” LLC - one of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which produces lime brick.
The company also specializes in the lime, which is used in various technologies and non-ferrous metals used in gold mining. The technology of production of dry lime-sand mixtures for plaster and mortar of sand produced in its own field.
“SPECTEPLOHIMMONTAZH” JSC (cessionary of MSU-107 of “Spechimmontazh” group company of the USSR Medium Machine Building Ministry) was founded on January 28, 1980 for doing of special mounting-building works at the facilities of the chemical and atomic energy complex. First building sites of “SPECTEPLOHIMMONTAZH” Open Joint Stock Company were Tomsk petrochemical and Siberian chemical plants. It allowed to begin their work providing of most serious, responsible projects, to get an experience and to have highly professional staff both in administration structure and in executive level.
After few times production activity of this company has become known in many areas of Russia, as: Mining and chemical combine (Zheleznogorsk city, Krasnoyarsk kray), Electrochemical plant (Zelenogorsk city, Krasnoyarsk kray), Leningrad nuclear power plant (Sosnoviy bor city, the Leningrad region). It is a list of only few facilities where “SPECTEPLOHIMMONTAZH” JSC carried out large amount of mounting-building works.
So, the list of provided services have been significantly expanded. Today “SPECTEPLOHIMMONTAZH” JSC is a multi-field general contracting building organization which has except construction and installation departments: - non-destructive monitoring service;
- building technology laboratory and electric laboratory;
- machinery and resource production;
- courses for preparing of professional staff and for control skills of specialists NAWC (National Agency of Welding Control) who does many works in wide range of general construction, installation and works with higher risk in industries and organizations.
Existing capacity, base of industry, staff, technological infrastructure give to “SPECTEPLOHIMMONTAZH” JSC dominate leading position in regions and to carry out activities in any complexity. This company uses innovative method of management which guarantees high quality level and professional safety of employers.
Evidence of this is the certification of company to be up to system of international standards:
ISO 9001/GOST Р ISO 9001 (in the field of quality);
OHSAS 18001 (in the field of occupational safety and labor protection).
“Stroydormash-Astana” LLP – is a dealer of “RM-Terex” Company- is a joint venture of Russian holding “Russian Machines” and diversified manufacturer “Terex Corporation”, Russia.
“Stroydormash -Astana” LLP is implementing road-building machinery in Kazakhstan since 2003.
We supply graders from mild to severe and including manufactured by the factories. Company “Bryansk Arsenal”, JSC “Chelyabinsk’s Construction and Road Machines”.
The full range of wheeled and crawler excavators with bucket capacity - 0.65 m3 to 1.25 m3 inclusive, produced by JSC “Tverskoy Excavator”.
Loaders with bucket capacity of 1.8 m3 to 5 m3, produced by JSC “Chelyabinsk’s Construction and Road Machines”.
The company implements parts to the above mentioned technique.
SPV “STROITEH” arm-in-arm with it’s strategic partners holds leading postition in re-equipment of Russian construction industry. . Drawing upon 60-years work experience, SPV “STROITEH” in a consistent manner undertakes the biggest part of solving problems connected with concrete plants’ launching and operation. During last 20 years more than 600 objects were put into operation in Russian and neighboring countries.
SPV “STROITEH” equipment includes the best world cutting-edge technologies used in construction machinery, and match production effectiveness, energy saving and ecological requirements.
Our slogan: High quality and careful service.
General director of “Stroitel” LLP is Buzykin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. Company specializes in the manufacture of construction materials (expanded clay, expanded clay bricks, expanded clay stones for walls and paving slab) Expanded clay bricks and wall stones – is a new product in construction materials market in Kazakhstan, it is innovative and is unique not only in Almaty region, but in the Republic in whole.
Company’s products: expanded clay, expanded clay brick and blocks are energy saving, which is particularly topical in light of Decree of President about energy conservation. All products of our company are environmentally safe. Products have high level of thermal conductivity and sound-absorption. All products are certified.
Starting from 2003 “TechStroySnabPluS” LLC has been dealing with supply of construction and industrial equipment of the leading world manufacturers of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, German, France, Turkey and China in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our company offers wide range of the equipment for enterprises of oil industry, production, construction, highway maintenance, operation companies and establishments of different forms of ownership:
- Compressor equipment;
- Welding and gas welding equipment;
- Power stations;
- Concrete and mortar mixing machines;
- Electric motors;
- Load lifting equipment;
- Pumping equipment;
- Heating equipment;
- Vibrating equipment;
- Floor finishing equipment;
- Wide range of electric tools and consumables.
Our company enters “Register of prudent suppliers of the Ministries, institutions and bodiesofthe local self government”, “Minerals developers and strategic enterprises Register ofprudent suppliers” such as:”KazHrom Multinational corporation” Joint-stock company, “Euro-Asian Energy Corporation»” Joinstock company, “Sokolovsk-Sarbaisk mining-production enterprise” Joint-stock company, as well as “Unified Register of prospective suppliers of “Samruk-Kazyna” National Welfare Fund” Joint-stock company:”Kazakhstan TemirZholy” National Company” Joint-stock company, “KazMunayGaz” National company Joint-stock company and many others.
“TechStroySnabPluS” LLC has been awarded the Certificate of conformity of “ST RK ISO 9001-2009 “ Quality-management system” №KZ 7100970.07.03.00094 dated 2013.07.18. as applied to “Manufacture,sale and service maintenance of industrial and construction equipment”.
“TESLA-TAN” is a 100% Kazakhstan owned multi-disciplinary construction Company, anchored in Kazakhstan, Atyrau city. Company specializes in the timely and safe delivery of quality Engineering, Procurement & Construction solutions for Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication work scopes on projects in the Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical, Energy, Industrial Plants, Infrastructure, Hitech Industrial Plants, Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics & Commercial Building Sectors. “TESLA-TAN” is capable of managing and Executing Projects with Values exceeding USD 50 million.
Since 2006 year “Ural pipe fittings factory” has become the manufacturer of ball valves, flanges, tees, caps, expansion bellows.
All products and services are certified and professionally meet modern quality, quantity and price requirements.
“Ural pipe fittings factory” is the owner of more than 6000 square meters of warehouse and production area. The factory is the supplier of industrial pipe fittings within the Russian Federation, CIS and East Asia.
“WaterEcoFilter” LLP produces state-of-the-art high quality water and wastewater treatment equipment. Company offers complete delivery of water treatment plants including assembling and installation works and after-sales services and maintenance, personnel training and reagents and consumables supply.
We produces:
- Combined water treatment unit of “DVU” series;
- Wastewater treatment unit of “KOS-BM” series;
- Waste water treatment unit of “BioSOV” series;
- Storm wastewater treatment unit of “LIOS” series;
- Savings, averaging and pumping waste water unit of “NPC” series;
- Unit electrolysis for receiving hypochlorite of sodium of ELU series.
We carry out a cargo transportation in the territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS.
The company’s founder is an entrepreneur from Germany Willi Graf. The main activity is production of thermal insulation products from expanded polystyrene, namely:
1. 700 mm x 1200 mm and 50 mm x 100 mm plates - for insulation of facades, floors and ceilings;
2. modules (blocks) permanent wall formwork size 1200 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm;
- for fast and economical construction of buildings.
The plant’s capacity - 9000 cubic meters of products per year, or 216,000 pieces Sells products and provides insulation of facades of buildings.
The company in the construction market for over 75 years. It is the largest in the Ural-Siberian region of the spectrum chrysotile cement manufacturer products.
- Colored and gray corrugated sheets (slate, 7 and 8 of the wave);
- Sheets of a flat pressed (ATSEID) 3 x 1.5 m, thickness of 8-20 mm;
- Sheets of flat undressed 1.75 x 1.12 m, a thickness of 6-10 mm;
- Non-pressure pipes with a diameter of 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 mm;
- Pressure pipes with a diameter of 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 mm, pressure, 9, 12 atm;
- Pipes for heating and hot water of 100, 150, 200, 300 mm; Pressure of 16 atm.
At the request of the buyer:
- Sheets and tubes are cut to any size;
- Special orders are accepted for other types of products.
Our clients are construction and trade organizations and individuals.