is a country of opportunities in the world's eyes

"Asian Tiger" nicknamed Kazakhstan, which has rich mineral resources, as well as one of the world's largest oil and gas producer. Country gained independence in 1991, today the income derived from underground resources largely on infrastructure and superstructure transforms. As the symbol of the country's modern capital of Astana "Bayterek" tower, representing the bright future of Kazakhstan.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, which gained its independence Kazakhstan, located in the heart of Eurasia, despite the presence of rich underground riches as improvements rather poor country. As the world's 9th largest country in the area covered 40 percent of the desert of Kazakhstan, one much of the rest is made up of semi-deserts and steppes. Away from the ocean is a harsh continental climate in the country. Winter air temperatures as low as -35 degrees in the summer can rise up to +35 degrees. Therefore, the temperature difference between summer and winter is 70 degrees find. These conditions alongside the country's population of over 16 million people, scattered throughout the site, particularly in Kazakhstan engaged in infrastructure activities, so too is forcing foreign workers and officials.

Despite the unfavorable conditions of climate and geography, Kazakhstan, owned underground assets is one of the richest countries in the world in terms. 99 of the 105 elements in the periodic table available in this country. 60 of these are extracted and processed and exported overseas. Kazakhstan, zinc, tungsten and barium reserves in the world with the first; silver, lead and chromite reserves second only; ranks third with copper and fluorite reserves. 30% of world's known chromium, manganese, 25% and 20% of gold, uranium and iron, 10% of 17% of the country's. The accounts have been discovered at the bottom of the territory of Kazakhstan more than $ 2 trillion of financial wealth is revealed.

In addition to the rich mineral resources of the Isthmus of oil and natural gas constitute the most important source of income. Until today in the western part of the country more than 250 oil and gas fields have been discovered are. 1 billion tons more accessible oil resources which have Tengiz, 1.3 trillion cubic meters of gas supply with Karachaganak and 7 billion tons of oil resources in the world with the largest field, one of the Kashagan, the country's most important oil and gas deposits.

Kazakhstan is a country of opportunities in the world's eyes
Its underground assets and growth potential of Kazakhstan in the international arena makes it one of the countries monitored closely. Outsourcing the development of the national economy in terms of attracting the attention of foreign investors. Indeed, since it gained independence in 1991, Kazakhstan's political, social and economic systems in terms of major changes occurred. First, the principle of separation of powers in the state system by adopting democratic and social reforms were carried out. Civil society, the rights and equality of opportunity, freedom of press and serious progress has been made in areas such as political diversity. During the same period in the country's economic system has changed dramatically. For the establishment of a market economy has been privatized, most of the public institutions, the tax system has been updated, the banking system has been restructured and some legal regulations to encourage foreign investment was made. During this period, provided political and economic stability of the economy led to exhibit a growth of 9-10 percent annually. The fastest growing economy in the world after China, Kazakhstan, which states, "Asian Tiger" is also known by the name.

The capital from Almaty to Astana in 1998 Kazakhstan, which total $ 10 billion during the period by investing in a re-created. Astana the investments continue uninterrupted, "a huge construction site" view. Next year is expected to be the oil giant of Kazakhstan, Astana, only for the development of new year 2030 is expected to spend 72 billion dollars.

On the other hand in Kazakhstan, medium and long term is expected to start a giant-sized satellite navigation as transportation and highway projects, the Caspian-Black Sea Canal, pipelines, power plants, Turkmenis-Iran-Kazakhstan railway project and in 2011 Astana and Almaty cities host that the Asian Winter Olympic Games in the country for companies to conduct business with a total value exceeding $ 50 billion package offers a great.


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The Korme Exhibition Center invites all interested companies and organizations for long-term relationships!

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